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Body Care(Mineral mud apply back & body)

  • 1 小
  • 800-2500
  • 惠中路三段


Time: 2hurs (body) / 1hur (back) Effections: -Remove aging keratin -Moisturizes the skin -Protect the skin -Avoid pigmentation -Prevent black shifts and freckles -Increased skin oxidation Natural Dead Sea mineral mud: In its unique natural state, the Dead Sea black mineral mud consists of sedimentary clay layers that have been formed for thousands of years. This rich black mud contains magnesium, potassium, calcium, bromide and sulfate, as well as trace elements of lithium, strontium, iodine, selenium, chromium and zinc, which is beneficial to cleansing, restore elasticity and maintain skin health. The black mineral mud and high concentration of trace elements in the Dead Sea clean and purify the skin, so that the skin can absorb moisture more effectively and make your entire body look refreshed. For Body: Pricing: NTD 3600 Discounted pricing:NTD2500 For Back: Pricing: NTD 1500 Discounted pricing:NTD800


  • 台湾台中市南屯區惠中路三段395號


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